GeoScience MAchine Learning Resources and Training

Materials for Learning

We actively develop and maintain our online platforms for the duration of the project to support collaboration, learning and ML CI adoption activities. These online resources will be designed to host: 1) pre-developed learning modules on data science and ML basics, 2) codeweek training tutorials and video recordings, and 3) scientific use case example computational workflows.

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Building Communities and Training Events

With our materials and training events in ML tools and fundamentals of ML theory we aim to build a community interested in our offerings. In addition to our online materials, we plan to host GeoSMART hackweek events.

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Classroom Materials

We create education materials to address the needs of educators and their student communities. From training on the latest technology to new pedagogical methods, we help teachers make their classrooms engaging and successful.

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Supporting Machine Learning Education and Innovation in the GeoSciences

This project supports the development of a research workforce capable of advancing fundamental Geoscience challenges through broad adoption of Machine Learning (ML) tools. Our GeoScience MAchine Learning Resources and Training (GeoSMART) framework provides an educational pathway that provides a foundation in open source scientific ecosystems and progresses through general ML theory, toolkits and deployment on Cloud computing.

National Science Foundation
eScience Institute

With support from the National Science Foundation (NSF), University of Washington eScience Institute, and the Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP), we aim to be able to support our geoscience ML focused communities.